Teaching and learning

Positive Behaviour Support

Glen Huon PS is a Positive Behaviour Support school.  This means that we focus on teaching and supporting students to display our four expectations: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe and Be an Active Learner.

Students are regularly recognised, rewarded and supported through eXFactor faction points, ClassDojo points, Post Cards, Excellence Awards, Faction Reward afternoons and our prestigious Gold Club which is celebrated each semester. As well as individual classroom incentives and teacher-developed recognition systems. 

In responding to undesired behaviours or those which do not comply with our Four Expectations, we have a rigorous system of support and intervention, which includes consequences and a pathway to restoration. 

Please refer to our parent brochure and behaviour policy for more information.

Good Standing: All students commence each school term with Good Standing. It is the responsibility of each student to make positive choices for their behaviour and maintain their good standing. Students who lose their good standing will lose the privilege to participate in extra-curricular, reward and incentive activities and programs, interschool sporting events, and, where a suitable curriculum substitute is available, will be excluded from attending incursions and excursions.