Teaching and learning

Early Childhood

Great importance is placed on giving students who attend Glen Huon Primary School a balanced learning program.

In the early childhood setting, a lot of attention is given to teaching children cognitive skills, sensory-motor skills and pre-literacy and numeracy skills.

The teaching of social skills and values to pre-school children underpins all of this learning. Research shows that social skills are of the utmost importance for a child’s future development. The programs provide a rich learning environment which develops and extends the children’s concentration span by progressively providing increasingly longer, more complex and challenging activities, stories and tasks. Experiences include looking at plants, animals and people in the community. Such experiences help develop and extend concept formation and language use.

The programs introduce pre-literacy and numeracy skills then develop these to more formal skills and learning, according to student needs and development phases. The program correlates highly with the West Australian Curriculum, Early Year Learning Framework, Kindergarten Guidelines and the National Quality Standards.

Early intervention is also a priority at Glen Huon Primary School so we have funded additional support time for student in the early years. We also work closely with inter-agencies groups such as Community Health to ensure each child’s needs are being met and catered for within the learning environment.